Communication Secrets for Success

With over two decades as a renowned communication consultant and respected university lecturer, Bridget Sampson is thrilled to release her first book, Communication Secrets for Success. You’ll find tips and strategies to improve all your relationships, from love to leadership and beyond, in this easy-to-read, conversational guide.

“This book is a comprehensive distillation of every modern theory of communication you can think of. Throw in a little bit of applied personality theory with some wit, candor, and eminently relatable examples from her personal life, academic experience, and consulting career, and you have Professor Sampson’s little manual that aims to improve every single aspect of your life via better communications with all the usual suspects.”

~Corie Skolnick, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and author of the novel ORFAN, which is in
development as a major motion picture by Ron Shelton Pictures

“This is a wonderful practical guide for everyone! The book is supported by an array of stellar examples, an easily accessible style, and Bridget’s strong experiential and conceptual knowledge. Each chapter addresses critical issues in relational communication in deeply insightful, meaningful, and empowering ways.”

~Kathryn Sorrells, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication Studies, California State University, Northridge and author of Intercultural Communication: Globalization and Social Justice