Does your team need to hone their presentation skills? Better adapt to the different personality types of your customers? Work together more cohesively? Whatever your training needs may be, we’ve got a program for you. We offer interactive, impactful workshops such as Powerful Presentations, Mastering Business Communication, and True Colors. Our consultants can design a custom program on almost any topic, lead an existing training session with valuable knowledge to contribute, or provide train-the-trainer opportunities for internal facilitators. We excel in mentoring fellow trainers and leaders. Our approach is to be thoroughly prepared yet fully present in the moment with each group or individual so we can respond to their unique needs and concerns. SCC consultants put even the most reluctant participants at ease and shed light on the value and applicability of the lessons offered in any material.


Our clients often call on us for just-in-time coaching to prepare for a key meeting or sales pitch. We also regularly work with individuals on an ongoing basis to significantly improve their communication, focusing on areas such as leadership, influence, clarity, dynamism, and managing change. Our coaches know how to develop high levels of comfort and trust with clients in the one-on-one coaching setting, to ensure the maximum benefit. We work to help professionals leverage their existing strengths while recognizing and improving in areas where there’s room to grow.


Let us ease the challenging transition from being an individual contributor to a successful people manager. We understand the skills and techniques you need to master at this critical time and can facilitate your transformation into a powerful leader. Our research and work with hundreds of influential leaders allows us to offer proven strategies for even the most difficult aspects of being in charge. We can teach you everything you need to know, including how to provide constructive feedback that inspires lasting change, ways to respectfully demand stellar performance, and how to keep motivation high in a constantly changing environment.


Powerful Presentations

You will learn to:
Keep your cool and feel confident in any speaking situation
Use the simple SCC outline for planning your talk
Display poise, intelligence, and eliminate filler words
Capture attention with a clear, concise and conversational style
Control your voice and body to appear prepared and relaxed
Replace weak words with high power alternatives
Tailor your speech for maximum impact
Create and present simple, attractive visuals

Mastering Business Communication

You will learn to:
Communicate in a clear, concise and conversational manner
Replace weak words with high power alternatives
Hone your listening skills to build rapport and strengthen relationships
Improve global partnerships by understanding intercultural differences
Fine-tune your writing skills to engage and persuade readers
Follow etiquette guidelines that will reduce wasted time
Save time and money

True Colors

You will learn to:
Learn how our True Colors impact communication and work styles
Discover your greatest skill sets to maximize success
Put your skills to work in new and exciting ways
See how the unique talents of others complement yours
Increase rapport and collaboration, bring out the best in others
Use your differences to create synergy rather than discord
Follow your True Colors to work you excel at and enjoy


We can also consult with you to customize a workshop to meet your needs. Our areas of expertise include:
Applying the Johari window of self-awareness to relationships
Keeping customers happy, satisfied, and loyal
Employing an empowering, motivating, and high involvement approach
Working together efficiently and harmoniously to achieve shared goals
Understanding yourself, others, and the value of diversity
Encouraging participation to elicit the best ideas and contributions
Tackling the root of the problem and coming to win-win solutions
Driving change and minimizing the disruption and anxiety it causes
Creating agendas, involving participants, and staying on track
Building a relationship that allows for maximum growth and development
Following email, teleconference, and videoconference etiquette
Devising a mission, vision, and strategies that will unite and inspire
Understanding the importance of SMART goals and how to achieve them
Setting and reviewing performance goals with direct reports
Delivering suggestions that will be well received and acted on
Creating an atmosphere of open, supportive communication
Adapting to differences in male/female communication