Lead Simply: A Life-Changing Philosophy

Lead Simply: A Life-Changing Philosophy

For Everyone From CEO to Student Leader to Mom and Dad

You are not going to believe what I did. It’s pretty crazy. I spent $300.00 on a three-minute video. And I’m going to tell you why it was worth every penny.

I’ve been a communication consultant and university lecturer for over twenty years. I’m passionate about my work and my hunger for new tools to share with my clients and students is insatiable. When I came across the “Lead Simply” model, I knew I was onto something special.

There’s a video, workbooks, and other fun resources to go along with the program. Let me give you a brief introduction to the three core principles and share how it can change your life, regardless of who you want to influence, teach, or mentor.

MODEL the behavior you want to see.

CONNECT with the people (employees, mentees, kids, etc.) you lead.

INVOLVE them as much as possible.

I’ll use three concrete scenarios based on real situations I’ve observed over the years: a CEO, a university student leader, and a parent.

First let me ask you some tough questions about the kinds of things you’re going to need to STOP doing if you want to embrace the Lead Simply philosophy…


CEO: Do you tout the values of respect and innovative thinking in your organization yet chew people out publicly when they disagree with you?

Student Leader: Do you tell your mentees how important it is to be responsible and mature even though they saw you acting… um… not that way at the fraternity party last Friday night?

Mom or Dad: Do you spank your kids then tell them it’s wrong to hit their siblings and friends?


CEO: Do your people see you as too busy, too unapproachable, or too critical to talk to, even if they have a brilliant idea or important concern?

Student Leader: Do you join every committee and attend every social event at the expense of your mentees who could gain so much from the everyday mentoring moments that arise when you’re studying together at the library or grabbing lunch on campus?

Mom or Dad: Do you profess your love for your children when you’re at work, volunteering, connecting with colleagues and friends… yet don’t spend much actual time with them or aren’t fully present when you’re together?


CEO: Do you think you’re the only one smart enough to grow the business and make important decisions? Do you ask for input because you know you’re supposed to and then respond dismissively to people’s ideas?

Student Leader: When you’re organizing a philanthropy event for the third year in a row, do you take on most of the work and give simple tasks to the freshmen, even though they’re brimming with new ideas and eager to make a real difference?

Mom or Dad: Are you burned out and resentful because you do it all or do you make learning to cook, clean, and take care of the home a fun family activity?

If you can relate to any of the above scenarios, it’s time to integrate the Lead Simply model into your life! Here are my top recommendations for what to START doing:


Whatever you want to teach or influence others to do, demonstrate it yourself. Be the best at it that you possibly can. Work hard to do it consistently, without exception. If you slip up, own up to your mistake and apologize.


Make time for the important people in your life. Ask how things are going. Ask what you could help with. Plan a lunch date, a museum visit, or a hike. When you have that sinking feelings that too much time has passed since you checked in on your struggling direct report, your sorority little sister, or your son, act now to connect.


When you’re about to take on a task, think first about who could benefit from helping you, who you could ask about how to do it better, and how you could free up some of your own time and energy by delegating part of it.

Here’s the Lead Simply video (not for training use, only as a sample) with a brief message from Sam Parker, who created the program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI4ujbXT4-0

Here’s the InspireYourPeople.com website page with information about Lead Simply training resources: http://www.inspireyourpeople.com/lead-simply/

* I am in no way connected to this company, I just love their products!

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