What They Say

Bridget Sampson is easily one of the best communication and management consultants I’ve worked with.  We used her to run a team-wide offsite designed to improve collaboration, communication and the general effectiveness of our group.  She did an incredible job and the offsite was a huge success.  I found Bridget very easy to work with, extremely professional, and tremendously knowledgeable and experienced in her areas of expertise.  She’s smart, confident, communicates and presents incredibly well, and a joy to work with.  I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Dan Greene
Vice President, US Sales at Twitter, former Director, New Products and Solutions, Google, Inc.

Since 2004, Bridget has been delivering one of our key leadership development programs, designed to improve both tactical and strategic management and leadership skills.  In addition to that, she has developed and delivered several customized programs targeted at enhnacing communication skills.  She consistently receives extremely high marks on workshop evaluations, but more importantly we often hear directly from managers that their employees actually apply the skills and concepts they learn in her workshops.  We hope to continue to work with Bridget in the future!

Ann Adams
Leadership Consultant at Development Dimensions International, former Director, Management Development, Mattel, Inc.

Bridget’s straightforward and simple communication guidelines provide you with a reference tool that ensures you master the art of clear, concise and effective communication across all of today’s business communication platforms.

Kathy Casey
Senior Director, Retail Service, Mattel, Inc.

Bridget Sampson generously donated more than 2 days of her time conducting a team building session for our staff using True Colors followed by strategic planning.  Our staff is comprised of 40 well-educated and highly motivated people who would rather be on task instead of attending another meeting.  However, Bridget captured their attention with True Colors.  It was a surprisingly effective way to help us learn more about each other.   We expect the positive effects of True Colors to benefit the organization for some time to come.  It was also an effective way to lead into strategic planning and we were impressed with Bridget’s ability to make it interesting and productive.  She enabled us to propel our strategic plan forward and kept the day moving and on track.  Anyone who can deftly coordinate a day of strategic planning is a very skilled and talented individual.
That’s Bridget!

Janis Spire
CEO, The Alliance for Children’s Rights.

I attended the True Colors presentation at California State University Northridge and it was a very entertaining and enlightening experience. Our instructor, Bridget Sampson, was engaging, funny and knew the information well enough to keep us excited about learning.  It gave me insight into my personality and thought process, which I have used in my personal and professional life.
I would highly recommend the True Colors session to groups of all ages. The activities and the atmosphere gave me a phenomenal learning experience that I won’t soon forget.

Teresa A. Pitts
Learning & Development Instructor, Time Warner Cable

We utilized Bridget to train a large group of student leaders.  She was well prepared with deep content knowledge and able to answer questions and illuminate the discussion with personal insights.  Even with a large group, she was able to create a dynamic learning environment with thought-provoking exercises and meaningful examples that created a relevant context for a diverse group of students.  She is a polished public speaker who truly engaged the group.

Tom Piernik
Director, Student Development and International Programs, California State University, Northridge

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at California State University, Northridge is one of the largest programs of its kind in the CSU. Serving non-traditional populations who demonstrate potential to succeed but have a history of challenges including being first generation, historically underrepresented in higher education and being financially disadvantaged are some to name a few. A flagship program is our Summer Bridge Program, which aims to transition students and prepare them for the most important freshman year and all the rigors of the academy.

Over a decade ago we realized a key component to success was providing training to our student and professional staff and faculty. Toward that end Ms. Bridget Sampson, a faculty member in the Communication Studies department, was highly recommended to us as a consultant, trainer/facilitator and we’ve not looked back since.

Professor Sampson is the consummate professional, exceptionally prepared, sincerely eager to serve; totally open to learning from those she teaches and demonstrably committed to the goals and outcomes of our program. Since 1999 we have asked Professor Sampson to return every year to facilitate 40 hours of training for faculty and staff. And every year she refreshes the material to ensure maximum participation and learning on topics including diversity, leadership, mentoring, conflict resolution, team building and most importantly communication skills.

Her facilitation of this week long training is in our opinion, the core of what makes EOP and Summer Bridge the success that it is today. Professor Sampson’s facilitated training has consistently given the program its core foundation of community, connectivity and responsibility. This is clearly demonstrated throughout the summer program and actually throughout the entire academic year. Staff is better connected with students. Student staff (mentors) are thriving in communication with each other, faculty and professional staff. The end result is providing students with clear and consistent messages and most importantly a program that is known for welcoming students and working to increase their probability of success.

Professors Sampson’s ability to update the training, adjust the training to the program needs and the ever changing student population and learning styles has been one of the ongoing key elements of program success. Her skill, passion, patience and commitment to enhance communication and skill sets apply to any setting. Her people skills are amazing!  She is the full package and it would be difficult to imagine our continued success without her!

Jose’ Luis Vargas
Director, Educational Opportunity Program, California State University, Northridge

Bridget Sampson is an outstanding coach and facilitator who provided impressive outcomes with the professional development and skills training she presented for our senior managers and our general staff. Assessment showed that her workshops using True Colors, the Johari and Nohari Windows, and the CARE model for communication were very effective in enhancing communication skills, and promoting team building and professional growth. Organizations seeking to implement a cost-effective, efficient, and well-received training program would be wise to consider Ms. Sampson as a valued resource who brings her dedication, diligence, and expertise to your doorstep and works by your side to achieve your employee development goals.

Yolanda Chassiakos, MD
Executive Healthcare Administrator